• Author:喻鑫 林英 林森  Date:2022-10-09
    This article will focus on analyzing the role and nature of investigative transcripts in employee fraud cases and provide practical suggestions on the pace of interviews and the production of normative interview transcripts for investigation.
  • Author:方晔 史书文  Date:2022-10-08
    Anti-monopoly disputes are civil cases where an operator’s monopolistic conduct leads to another’s losses, as described under article 60.1 of the Anti-Monopoly Law (AML).
  • Author:王振翔  Date:2022-09-22
    Under the current Enterprise Bankruptcy Law and its interpretations, courts appoint administrators from a local register by means of, among others, random selection, open invitation to bid, and recommendations from financial regulators.
  • Author:方晔 史书文  Date:2022-08-31
    Resale price maintenance is a type of vertical restraint regulated by the Anti-Monopoly Law, which is set for revision with clarified guidance this year for the first time since it came into force in 2008.
  • Author:喻鑫 林森  Date:2022-08-30
    In this article, we will analyze and interpret essential points from the Guideline and provide corresponding compliance suggestions.
  • Author:刘琦 连煜雄  Date:2022-08-29
    This article summarised and discusses representations and requirements of ESG labour compliance under China’s labour legal system.
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