• Author:沈成 陈颖  Date:2023-03-11
    This article briefly reviews the evolution of financial supervision and management mechanism in China, and briefly analyzes and outlooks the challenges that will be brought by this reform.
  • Author:王振翔  Date:2023-02-13
    On 30 September 2022, the MOF and STA issued the announcement No. 31 of 2022, which provides for VAT, stamp duty, deed tax, real property tax and urban land use tax when offsetting non-performing asset claims in kind by financial institutions, including both...
  • Author:刘琦 连煜雄  Date:2023-02-09
    The authors introduce guidelines in this article on how enterprises should conduct compliance self-inspections related to human resources, in accord with the most up-to-date legislation.
  • Author:石钛戈  Date:2023-02-07
    Comparing significant developments in China’s data protection landscape for 2022, and ponders its further evolution.
  • Author:张光磊 张金辉  Date:2023-02-02
    Pre-IPO agreements containing a conditional survival clause will be valid and enforceable according to the prevailing opinion of the Chinese courts.
  • Author:方晔 史书文  Date:2023-02-01
    In this article, the authors introduce and analyse key updated interpretations and changes proposed in the draft provisions, announced on 18 November 2022.
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