• Author:王振翔  Date:2023-05-11
    The Measures on Risk Classification of Financial Assets of Commercial Banks was announced on 10 February 2023.
  • Author:方晔 史书文  Date:2023-04-14
    This article provides a brief analysis and suggestions based on regulation and practical application of the Anti-Monopoly Law and merger filing.
  • Author:王振翔  Date:2023-03-28
    Companies listed on China’s National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), otherwise known as the “New Third Board”, are considered unlisted public companies.
  • Date:2023-03-27
    This article takes Beijing as a prime example and analyses how courts approach disputes arising from employees breaching the service period agreement after receiving their assisted hukou.
  • Author:石钛戈  Date:2023-03-20
    On February 24, 2023, China’s cyber watchman, the Cyberspace Administration of China , released the final version of the Measures on Standard Contract for Overseas Transfer of Personal Information, together with a template of the Standard Contract for...
  • Author:方晔 史书文  Date:2023-03-13
    Follow-on antitrust lawsuits are claims for civil damages for suffering losses from monopolistic conduct filed after antitrust administrative investigations and penalty procedures.
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