• Author:Xu Bangwei  Date:2020-09-01
    As the economic and trade exchanges between the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong have become more frequent, in recent years the number of issues that need to be resolved through cross-border cooperation in bankruptcy cases has also increased.
  • Author:Yu Xin / Wu Yue / Wang Tong  Date:2020-08-24
    We believe that the Similar Cases Retrieval mechanism will become an excellent opportunity for enterprises with excellent management capabilities to gain competitive advantage.
  • Author:Zhang Guanglei / Cai Xiaoxia  Date:2020-08-10
    If parties in a foreign-related case conducted in China have agreed upon the application of a foreign law, or a foreign law is applicable according to law, then the ascertainment of such foreign law is a necessary procedure in litigation or arbitration.
  • Author:Ren Guobing / Lin Shulan  Date:2020-08-03
    This article was first published on China Business Law Journal.
  • Author:Xu Bangwei / Bai Lijie  Date:2020-07-28
    NPL transfer has its particularities in terms of contractual validity and legal risk prevention measures to be taken. The acquirer is advised to pay due attention in this regard, and contact legal professionals for advice in complex and challenging NPL...
  • Author:Tracy Liu   Larry Lian  Date:2020-07-21
    (This article was first published> Therefore, the author suggests that, to ensure the smooth progress of the severance and liquidation plans and their proper linkage, the above-mentioned time limit should be fully factored in determining when the...
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