Prior to 1980, educational services were provided exclusively by the Chinese government. With the dawn of economic reform, a new model of non-government schools evolved to provide education across all levels from pre-school through to higher education. Non-government schools comprise those by non-government organizations as well as public schools leased to private companies – both of which are considered to be managed by “social forces” in China.

In response to market demand and further encouragement by the Chinese government for social forces to advance and promote non-governmental education, Jingtian & Gongcheng has invested heavily in innovation related to broadening the financing channels for private education institutions, attracting social capital, and expanding the various sources of funding. In addition to assisting private education institutions with capital raising, for example, Jingtian & Gongcheng also works closely with financial institutions to develop new, innovative financial products for non-governmental education institutions. We are also heavily involved in public-private partnership education projects which leverage social capital for infrastructure development and operations.

Areas of Work

Jingtian & Gongcheng has a longstanding reputation in delivering commercial legal advice to the education industry. Over the years, we have advised on equity financing (including IPOs), debt financing, mergers, acquisitions and other forms of investment, restructuring, compliance, and advisory services for General Counsels and in-house legal teams. Our clients have included various education and training organizations, overseas education agencies, early years and pre-school education providers, primary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools, mid-level vocational education institutions, higher education institutions (university, junior college), online education providers, extra-curriculum training providers, language, art and culture, and other training providers, among many others. In terms of capital market, at the early stages for Chinese companies in education and training industries to launch IPO abroad, Jingtian & Gongcheng has successfully helped some of the prominent companies in the specific industry. In recent years, as Chinese companies within the education and training sector have begun seeking access to global capital on a grander scale, Jingtian & Gongcheng has been at the forefront as PRC legal counsel. We have advised some of the most prominent companies in the education and training industry in launching their IPOs outside China. We advise most of the issuers and underwriters involved in Hong Kong-listed projects in the education sector and we continue to provide ground-breaking solutions to address key risks and to address their legal challenges. We adopt a relationship-based approach and aspire to grow alongside our clients. Because of our demonstrated capabilities in problem-solving and continuous communication, most of these same companies still count Jingtian & Gongcheng as a trusted legal advisor in relation to acquisitions, investments, financing projects and additional services following their IPOs.

Our significant experience in the education industry, which includes advising on various aspects of the new Non-Governmental Education Promotion Law, also extends to financial institutions. We have also been retained as a trusted legal advisor by institutional investors based on our success with education and training companies. We advise them on investment projects related to education and training in addition to legal due diligence, document drafting, deal structuring, reorganization and negotiation. Because of this we have earned the trust and recognition from our many clients in the industry.

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