Why Jingtian & Gongcheng?

Since opening up and reforming its economy, China has remained one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Hong Kong, in particular, represents a major gateway and key growth market for many Chinese and multinational companies and financial institutions that are investing or operating in Asia. A career with Jingtian & Gongcheng will enable you to fulfil your potential, immersing yourself in transactions or cases that are core to our clients’ legal strategy. You will be challenged to draw upon all of the legal knowledge you have learned and apply them to real-world issues of strategic importance. You will work under the guidance of experienced partners, and alongside talented colleagues, to help our clients achieve their business and legal objectives. If you have what it takes, we will invest in your growth and our firm will hone your skills to develop you into a talented lawyer.


Career Opportunities


Associate / Legal Assistant

Jingtian & Gongcheng continues to actively seek out talented lawyers who are client-centric, aligned with our values and culture, and who can thrive within our firm.


Graduates and Law Students

Join our lawyer training program, acquire relevant experience on Hong Kong, China and regional matters, collaborate on leading-edge deals and cases, and learn from our partners who are highly acclaimed in their respective practice areas.


Business Professionals

Join our Business Services team and help our partners to run and manage the different departments within our firm that drive our business success.


Our Internship Programs


Our Summer Internship Program runs from June through August every year and we accept applications from all penultimate year and final year law undergraduates. The duration of the program is four weeks. Our application period for this year will remain open from November to February the following year, with interviews held between March and April.


Our Winter Internship Program runs from December through January annually. Applications are open to all penultimate year and final year law undergraduates and the duration of the program is three weeks. Our application period for this year will remain open from July to September. We anticipate that interviews will be held between October and November.


Our internship programs attract an abundance of talented law students, many of whom recount their rich learning experiences during their time with the firm. Jingtian & Gongcheng intern, Rosie Tang, provides her perspective on the program:



“Jingtian & Gongcheng is renowned for providing professional, cross-border legal services on a broad spectrum of practice areas and it was my pleasure to be able to join Jingtian as an intern for two summers. Being assigned to the Corporate team, I was given ample opportunities to get in touch with and prepare a variety of legal documents, as well as to conduct research on the Hong Kong company law and background search on different companies and potential clients. I also had a chance to draft a section of a circular and an announcement for a listed company, which certainly helped to develop my legal research and writing skills. Moreover, the process of conducting due diligence interviews and collating relevant data enabled me to understand the roles and responsibilities of different parties in an initial public offering and get a glimpse of the procedures and requirements of it.  


During the four weeks of internship at Jingtian, I was in awe of the high staff morale and the strong work ethic, which were demonstrated by the effective and efficient work style of all team members, and nonetheless, being able to maintain the high quality of legal services and uphold their professionalism.


Furthermore, the friendly work environment and positive team spirit and atmosphere in the office had surely boosted my enthusiasm in law and enhanced my sense of belonging. I was grateful for the tremendous support and guidance from the supervisors, encompassing their teaching on practical work skills and continuous assistance in various aspects to clear my doubts, their far-sighted thoughts and views on the future prospect of the legal field as well as valuable advice on my career path, all of which had allowed me to get the most out of the internship. 


The internship at Jingtian was undoubtedly an invaluable experience for me to put my knowledge into practice and meanwhile, acquire an in-depth understanding on how the law works in real life cases and gain better insights on the operations and culture of a law firm. Studying the interdisciplinary program of Business Administration and Juris Doctor, I have been in a dilemma deciding between pursuing my career as a businesswoman or as a lawyer. After the internship, I believe I have made the right choice. 


All in all, the internship was fruitful, rewarding and enlightening and I have never regretted joining Jingtian as an intern.”


Training Contracts


Jingtian & Gongcheng is always looking for outstanding candidates who demonstrate the character traits and capabilities required to work as part of a leading legal team. Applications for training contracts are open to all law graduates, penultimate year and final year law undergraduates. The application process runs from November to May the following year, with interviews scheduled between June and July. The duration of our training contracts is two years.


Trainee solicitor, Annie Lai, shares her equally rewarding experience:


“Trainees at our firm have always been valued as an integral part of the team. During my traineeship, I was highly involved in all sorts of corporate and commercial matters and had worked closely with partners and associates to work across every aspect of a project, right from the very first day of my training, in which I had a plenty of invaluable exposure to strategic discussions with clients, cooperation with various professional parties and liaison with foreign counsels, and I was also encouraged to contribute ideas to and share my thoughts with the team. Being involved in high-level discussions in various projects gave me the opportunity to observe how lawyers come up with strategic solutions in a practical, straightforward and cost-effective manner from clients’ perspectives when dealing with complex legal issues.


Being part of a small intake of trainees allowed me to enjoy the bespoke training here. As my traineeship progressed, I was gradually empowered with more responsibilities and the autonomy in managing my own tasks to take ownership of them. The partners here were keen to provide me with clear guidance as well as constant and constructive feedback and support on the spot, all of which ensured me to be able to learn at pace, gain exposure to a variety of works, get to demonstrate my capabilities, and take on new challenges. I was given real and immediate responsibility from day one but also a lot of support from a collegial and friendly team with an open culture. My traineeship with the firm is certainly a fulfilling and rewarding experience.”



Social Responsibility


Jingtian & Gongcheng has a longstanding track record in contributing to the local communities where we operate and in proactively addressing social issues through a variety of firmwide initiatives. Our values of professionalism, equality, inclusiveness, and collaboration are entrenched throughout our firm and this culture underscores all of our management decisions.


Following the outbreak of COVID-19, our Management Committee arranged an internal fundraising campaign, raising nearly CNY 1.5 million. We directed these funds towards the purchase of protective clothing, respirators, cardiovascular monitors and other critical medical supplies which we then delivered to the front-line, medical workers in Hubei Province. This is emblematic of our firm culture. We evaluate where we can make an impact and strategically invest in pro-bono, philanthropic, and public interest initiatives within the legal sector.



Diversity and Inclusion


To develop the keen legal insight required by our highly sophisticated clients, we need to draw upon diverse perspectives. We value the differences that make people who they are and view these as assets to be cultivated within our firm. A diversity of legal talent creates a range of opinions and experiences that in turn forms a rich working environment where innovation can thrive. Jingtian & Gongcheng is committed to diversity and inclusion and to ensuring that we continue to attract the best people who will help our firm grow and who will evolve into our future leadership.


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