Korean-Speaking Lawyers and Korean Legal Practice

Jingtian & Gongcheng's Korean practice team consists of partners and lawyers with extensive experience working in both China and Korea. All lawyers of the team graduated from leading law schools and have many years of legal education and work experience in China and Korea, with extensive experience in handling cross-border transactions and providing legal services in both countries.

The main areas of practice of the Korean practice team are investment and M&A, corporate and business advisory, anti-monopoly and competition, compliance, dispute resolution, etc. The team can provide all-round services to Korean companies in various fields in terms of their investment and M&A and business activities in China. The team is also well versed in the market and investment environment in Korea, and has established long-term and stable relationships with Korea's law firms, accounting firms, financial institutions and other intermediary agencies to provide one-stop professional legal and compliance services to Chinese clients in their investment, M&A, trade and business operations in Korea. 

The Korean practice team is fluent in Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese, ensuring a comprehensive, accurate, and efficient service to the clients. The legal and compliance services provided by the Korean practice team mainly include:

· Advising Korean clients on industrial access policies, designing transaction structures, conducting due diligence, participating in negotiations, drafting legal documents, assisting in obtaining various government permits, and supporting project completion and post-merger integration for their investments in China, etc.;

· Advising Korean companies operating in China on all aspects of their daily business activities, covering legal consultation concerning contacts, commercial affairs, labor, etc.; 

· Providing compliance consulting services for Korean companies operating in China, including but not limited to compliance consulting and services in various business areas such as enterprise decision making, organizational structure, contracts, sales, procurement, finance and taxation, intellectual property rights, data protection and foreign trade. The team also provides special consulting services concerning EHS/ESG compliance diagnosis and improvement for large Korean multinational companies in China;

· Advising Korean companies operating in China on Anti-Monopoly/Anti-Unfair Competition Law, including but not limited to declaration of concentration of business operators, anti-monopoly investigation, anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition litigation, anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition compliance and consultation;

· Providing legal services for the restructuring, bankruptcy, and liquidation of Korean companies operating in China, including conducting due diligence investigations, representing clients in compensation negotiations with the government, compiling relevant legal documents, providing legal services for the relocation of employees, and handling all liquidation procedures on behalf of clients;

· Carrying out preliminary market environment survey, conducting due diligence survey, offering opinions and suggestions on investment structure, participating in negotiations, preparing transaction documents, assisting in project completion, and providing other all-round services for Chinese clients investing in Korea;

· Providing comprehensive legal and compliance consulting services to Chinese companies in their daily business activities in Korea and their exit from the Korean market; and

· Providing dispute resolution services for Chinese and Korean clients, including labor and commercial disputes.

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