International Trade/Commodity

Jingtian & Gongcheng has a professional team dedicates to providing full legal service for clients, including domestic and foreign trading companies, insurance companies and banks and financial institutions, in the areas of import and export trade, commodity futures trade, trade financing, international settlements, foreign exchange affairs, customs affairs, dispute resolution, trade system review, trade dispute resolution, etc. Our professionals are especially skilled in commodity trade of agricultural products, speciality chemicals, minerals, petroleum, etc., and have deep understanding about the industries and legal issues involved in each aspect and the abilities to provide professional and effective advice to clients. They also handled a large number of cases and are very experienced in disputes resolution and international arbitration of international trade and commodity contract representing various domestic and foreign trading companies, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions and other clients.


The specific scope of our services includes:


International Goods Sales

* futures and spot trade contracts of commodity

* FOSFA and GAFTA contracts for agricultural products trade

* sales contracts and long-term contracts for steel, coal, specialty chemicals, petroleum, LNG

* general goods and service trade


Trade Financing/International Settlements

* structured financing

* supply-chain financing

* accounts receivable financing

* letter of credit, collection, telegraphic transfer

* bill of lading pledge, warehouse receipt pledge


Foreign Exchange Affairs

* foreign exchange compliance

* anti-money laundering

* administrative examination of foreign exchange

* administrative review, administrative proceedings and criminal proceedings related to foreign exchange


Customs Affairs

* customs value, commodity classification

* inspection and quarantine of import-export commodity

* management of intellectual property and origin

* customs inspection, smuggling investigation

* administrative review, administrative proceedings and criminal proceedings related to customs


Dispute Resolution

* domestic litigation and arbitration

* arbitration at international industry associations like FOSFA/GAFTA

* international AD hoc arbitration, institutional arbitration

* alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”)

* negotiations related to disputes


Review of Trade System

* trade remedy

* import and export restrictions

* trade sanctions

* trade dispute resolution

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