Maritime & Admiralty/Offshore Engineering

Jingtian & Gongcheng boasts a professional legal team which dedicates to providing service of internationally recognized quality relating to maritime & admiralty/offshore engineering matters, and has extensive experience in international cargo transportation, shipping, bill of lading, charterparty, logistics, purchase, sale and construction of ships, construction of offshore platforms and ports, maritime insurance and other areas. Over the years, it has been providing legal service on court or arbitration proceedings and other non-contentious matters relating to the above areas to a variety of clients and relevant parties, including shipowners, ship operators, heavy industry enterprises, brokers, charterers, insurance companies, P & I clubs, channel and harbour engineering companies, trading companies, freight forwarders, ship agents, port operators, and logistics companies. The scope of its service includes:



  • International cargo transportation, international multimodal transportation, coast transportation, and inland river transportation;
  • Bills of lading, seaway bills, and electronic bills of lading;
  • Bareboat charterparties, time charterparties, voyage charterparties, and affreightment contracts;
  • Maritime lien, right of mortgage, and possessive lien;
  • Ship contracting, operating and managing contracts;
  • Ship fittings, supplies and bunker contracts;
  • Container transportation, space sharing agreements, container leasing, and demurrages;
  • Shipping agency and freight forwarding;
  • Ship collision, rescue, salvage, towage, and general average;
  • Maritime pollution, accidents, personal injury and death, and maritime infringement;
  • Lien, arrest, and auction of ships and cargo, maritime preservation, maritime guarantee, and maritime compensation liability limitation fund;
  • Port and terminal operation;
  • Crew labour service contracts;
  • Maritime fraud, smuggling and piracy;
  • Maritime administrative proceedings.


Ship/Offshore Engineering

  • Construction, purchase and sale of newly built ships, purchase and sale of second-hand ships, and relevant ship financing and leasing;
  • Construction, purchase, sale, financing and leasing of special purpose engineering ships and offshore platforms;
  • Construction, purchase, sale, financing and operation of terminals, ports, and coastal facilities;
  • Port construction contracts, offshore engineering contracts, and channel dredging contracts;
  • One Belt and One Road terminal construction contracts and FIDIC contracts.



  • Multimodal transportation combining carriage of goods by air, road, and/or sea;
  • Customs declaration, warehousing, and distribution of goods;
  • International cargo forwarding contracts;
  • Circulation and pledge of warehousing receipts and waybills;
  • Project logistics contracts and third party logistics service contracts.


Maritime insurance

  • Property insurance for ships, ship fittings, offshore platforms, terminal facilities, etc.;
  • Shipowner liability insurance;
  • Insurance for carriage of cargo and freight;
  • Coinsurance and reinsurance business.


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