Arts, Sports and Entertainment

With the growing sophistication of new generations of consumers, the continued advancement of existing technologies, and the emergence of new platforms and technologies, the arts, sports, and entertainment industries have become increasingly complex.  This fast-moving and dynamic landscape requires legal expertise that is experienced, sophisticated and nimble.  At Jingtian & Gongcheng, our legal team is dedicated to providing our clients with pragmatic, commercial legal services and solutions. 


Areas of Work

  • Planning, establishment, and management of performance agencies and performance groups
  • Planning, production, operation and development of large-scale performance, exhibition, museum and commercially-sponsored events
  • Cultural content and media, including film, television series, animation, music, arts, live performances and exhibitions.
  • Creation, performance, and image licensing and endorsement by leading actors, screenwriters, directors, composers, novelists and other artists.
  • Planning, adaptation, creation, operation, development, and protection of intellectual property of online and mobile games.

Sponsoring, hosting, promoting, delayed and live-stream broadcasting, digital transmission and distribution, and marketing of major sporting events and competitions, as well as legal services related to acquisition of sports events and professional sports teams

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