Asset Management

The operating landscape of asset management is changing at record pace and is experiencing fundamental shifts that will shape the future of the industry.  In China, the total scale of asset management is steadily growing with participants entrenched in most asset categories.  Because of this, asset management as an industry is playing a much more prominent role in the national economy, financial economy and ultimately in the personal lives of individual participants. 


At the same time, the deal structures of various assets management products have become increasingly complicated.  A key priority for our experienced legal team is to maintain a thorough understanding of various financial products and their structures to provide sound legal advice in an objective, timely and precise manner, as well as to evaluate legal risks.


Jingtian & Gongcheng's legal team has deep knowledge, understanding and rich practical experience with representing clients across all asset classes.  Our services include non-litigation businesses such as deal structure, due diligence of underlying assets and transaction counter parties, risk control, and dispute resolution areas such as regulatory enforcement counter-measures, compliance investigations, and litigation and arbitration support. 

Areas of Work


  • Issuance and setup of various financial asset management products, such as bank wealth management, capital trust, securities and futures asset management plan, public funds, fund subsidiaries asset management, insurance asset management plan, and private equity investment funds
  • Verification and implementation of embedded structures for various financial asset management products
  • Design and selection of optimization plans to connect financial asset management products with standard or non-standard assets
  • Due diligence on investment targets relating to financial asset management products and issuing due diligence reports and legal advice
  • Drafting and modifying various transaction documents in connection with financial product investments and participating in business negotiations
  • Compliance investigation and risk control for financial asset management products

Financial asset management dispute resolution

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