Structured Finance and Derivatives

Asset securitization has become one of the most active and developed financing tools in the world's capital markets, as well as an important technological approach for China to deepen financial reform and revitalize its economy.


Jingtian & Gongcheng is one of the earliest law firms in China to provide legal services for asset securitization and has developed a legal service team in asset securitization field which is innovative, knowledgeable of regulatory policies and rich in practical experiences.

Jingtian & Gongcheng's Structured Finance and Derivatives practice possesses in-depth market knowledge and deep practical experience relating to loan asset securitization regulated by the People's Bank of China, company asset securitization regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, asset-backed notes regulated by the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, and project asset backed special plan regulated by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission.

Our team is highly capable and experienced in providing legal services in regulatory enforcement counter-measures, compliance investigations, and litigation and arbitration support for asset securitization products.

Areas of Work


  • Loan securitization
  • Financial leasing securitization
  • Accounts receivable securitization
  • Utility fee collection right securitization
  • Notes income rights securitization
  • LC securitization
  • Property management fee securitization
  • Trust beneficiary right securitization
  • Resort tickets securitization
  • Non-performing asset securitization
  • Balance payment for property securitization
  • CMBS/pledge REITs
  • Quasi-REITs
  • Asset backed notes
  • Project asset backed plan

Compliance investigation and risk control of asset securitization products

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