White Collar Criminal Defense

With significant experience representing clients in all phases of criminal defense throughout China, our legal team has the practical experience, expertise and knowledge to successfully represent our clients. 


Criminal defense and criminal legal risks prevention are important cornerstones of Jingtian & Gongcheng's dispute resolution practice. 


Criminal cases undertaken by our Criminal Defense lawyers include corporate malfeasance impacting organizational and management structure, impairing financial management, committing fraud, tax evasion, smuggling illicit goods, disrupting trade and financial markets, corruption and bribery, and breaches of fiduciary duty spanning investment, banking, finance, securities, health care and life sciences, real estate, infrastructure, construction, energy, international trade, and intellectual property.


Areas of Work:


  • Assisting clients in disposal of assets related to criminal offenses
  • Guidance and legal advice navigating criminal investigations and subpoenas by judicial authorities
  • Conducting initial internal investigations on potential criminal activities by employees
  • Criminal and civil cases, filing civil suits or initiating criminal proceedings according to specific situations
  • Guidance and legal advice relating to criminal law
  • Crisis management and developing business continuity plans
  • White collar crime defense
  • Establishing robust compliance systems and risk controls to safeguard against criminal activity
  • Evaluating risk of corporate malfeasance on specific transactions

Specialized, custom training programs on anti-corruption, anti-money-laundering, and anticommercial bribery

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