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Jingtian & Gongcheng Successfully Presents "Belt and Road" Legal Risk Prevention Forum in Chengdupublish time:2017-09-21

The “Belt and Road" Legal Risk Prevention Forum was held on September 14, 2017 in Chengdu with participation of over 150 representatives from relevant enterprises, public institutions and trade associations across Sichuan Province. Under the supervision of Sichuan Department of Commerce, Sichuan Department of Justice, Sichuan SASAC, Chengdu Bureau of Justice and Chengdu SASAC, the seminar was hosted by Jingtian & Gongcheng in partnership with Sichuan Bar Association, Chengdu Bar Association and Chengdu Association for Foreign Economic Trade Cooperation (CAFETC).


A host of policymakers and senior officials attended the seminar, including Zhang Ying, Deputy Director of Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, Liu Chaokuan, Deputy Director of Sichuan Provincial Department of Justice, Lu Ping, Head of Foreign Investment Administration of Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, Wang Xiaofeng, Head of Lawyer Notarization Administrative Office of Sichuan Provincial Department of Justice, Yuan Fang from the Division of Regulation of Sichuan SASAC, Xiang Jun, Deputy Secretary-General of the Sichuan Bar Association, Zhong Yusha from the Attorney Office of the Chengdu Bureau of Justice, Zhou Liang, Head of Policies and Regulations Division of Chengdu SASAC, and Chen Xiao, Secretary-General of CAFETC.


The seminar featured keynote speeches and discussions on important legal topics related to construction, investment and M&A projects arising from the "Belt and Road" Initiative, and relevant risk prevention and tax planning. The goal was to help local companies enhance understanding of the different legal environments in countries and regions along the "Belt and Road" route, raise awareness of investment risk prevention in the "going global" drive, and forge a more robust and extensive cooperation platform for companies in western China, further contributing to the "Belt and Road" Initiative.


While acknowledging the enthusiasm among local companies to go global following the "Belt and Road" policy, Zhang Ying, Deputy Director of Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce stressed in her speech that potential risks in carrying out overseas investments should not be ignored. Commenting on the significance of this seminar, Zhang considered it a meaningful event and great opportunity for Chinese entrepreneurs to learn and raise awareness of risk prevention in foreign investment activities.


Impressed by Jingtian & Gongcheng’s constant commitment to serving China’s western development, Liu Chaokuan, Deputy Director of Sichuan Provincial Department of Justice commended the firm for its top notch efficient legal services in assisting Sichuan enterprises in their "going global" investment and M&A projects along the "Belt and Road" route. He described the timing of this seminar as “pertinent”, saying it’s not only conducive to raising awareness in investment risk prevention among enterprises, but also served as an exchange platform between law firms and businesses.


Mr. Wang Weiguo, managing partner of Jingtian & Gongcheng, prides the firm on its concrete knowledge of the complicated legal risk issues concerning the "Belt and Road" Initiative. His confidence also lies in the firm’s profound experience in resolving other difficult legal problems. He’s hopeful that the seminar would draw more attention to and further study on the "Belt and Road" Initiative-related legal risks from the legal community, business community, government agencies and social organizations. And he’s glad to see that participants and experts took the opportunity to share their practical experience for better legal services and assistance to Chinese firms “going global” in the future.


 Mr. Yao Jian and Mr. Cheng Xiaofeng, partners of Jingtian & Gongcheng, each delivered a keynote speech at the seminar. Citing examples from power infrastructure investment cases, Yao shared his tips on the legal practices in such "Belt and Road" investment projects, including project framework, PPA negotiation points and key considerations in drafting investment agreements. Putting the promise and opportunities of the "Belt and Road" Initiative into perspective, Yao shared his experience with business representatives and legal professionals at the seminar, and said that he also benefited a lot from the exchanges with them. Meanwhile, Mr. Cheng elaborated on several cross-border M&A models and transaction procedures, highlighting the key issues in such transactions and the latest focus in government approval procedures and foreign exchange regulations.


Mr. Ge Xiangyang, partner of Mayer Brown JSM, Jingtian & Gongcheng’s association firm in Hong Kong, shared with seminar participants an analysis of the legal risks and control in "Belt and Road" projects. Mr. Zhang Shu, tax partner of Deloitte, spoke on the topic of "Overseas Investment Tax Planning".


As one of the first law firms engaged in foreign legal matters in China, over the past 25 years, Jingtian & Gongcheng has provided numerous Chinese companies with various legal services in their “going global” endeavors, such as overseas financing, M&A, investment and dispute resolution, including those venturing into the "Belt and Road" countries and regions. Dedicated to serving the economic development of western China, the firm has made outstanding achievements in assisting multitudes of Sichuan companies in their "going global" investment, M&A and contracting projects in the "Belt and Road" countries. Several of Jingtian & Gongcheng’s lawyers have been honored as “Leading Lawyer in Foreign-Related Affairs” in Chengdu and elected members of Chengdu Pilot Free Trade Zone’s expert panel for foreign-related legal affairs, winning acclaims from the business world and governing authorities as well.