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A seminar on assets management & PPP successfully held in Jingtian & Gongchengpublish time:2017-06-02

May 23, 2017-- A seminar entitled “The status quo of the currently segregated supervision of assets management agencies and products and the trend of centralized supervision” was held in Jingtian & Gongcheng by Jingtian & Gongcheng and LexisNexis. Approximately 80 professionals from enterprises or financial institutions attended the seminar or watched the live broadcast of the event online. Two senior partners of Jingtian & Gongcheng, Mr. Qin Maoxian and Mr. Wu Jiejiang, as guest speakers of the seminar, gave excellent lectures to the seminar participants. 


In his analysis of various embedded products in the field of assets management, Mr. Qin Maoxian narrated the status quo of the currently segregated supervision of assets management agencies and products and its negative effects. He also pointed out to what extent the segregated supervision system could be “penetrated”. In light of the latest supervision trend, Mr. Qin further pointed out that, supervision of (business) behaviors and functions by “1 central bank and 3 commissions” would supersede the simple supervision of agencies, and assets management products would be subject to centralized regulation and restriction. As a result, the assets management industry would take on a new pattern. Guests attending the meeting onsite or online were much intrigued by Qin’s professional analysis and business insight and a lively discussion were undertaken. 


Mr. Wu Jiejiang illustrated the development stages of PPP projects in China, the specific flow of PPP projects, and the policies from governments at various levels for encouraging and guiding PPP projects, such as the securitization of PPP project assets and/or the issuance of special PPP bonds to meet the liquidity needs of PPP project funds; moreover, Wu also gave an introduction to a PPP project for Line 4 of Beijing Subway, a customer of Jingtian & Gongcheng, then he exchanged ideas and discussed with the guests attending the meeting on some hot issues.